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"The greatest living jazz trombonist wastes no time going straight for the heart on every number of a program concluding with the most convincing, beer-stained "Danny Boy" since Ben Webster's." – blog

“Take any opportunity that presents itself to hear Roswell Rudd." –The Village Voice, Shortlist, May 12,  2004

“Rudd is one of the more distinctive and adventurous modern jazz trombonists, a player who has managed to return to jazz’s primordial roots while remaining entirely current.” –Larry Blumenfeld, JAZZIS,May  2003

"...Rudd, the incomparable trombonist, is one of the great tonic sounds to emerge from '60's jazz - still mighty, still gleeful."–Gary Giddins, Village Voice, Jan 8, 2002

"...a trombonist of such sweeping power and majesty that he transcends all styles." –John Wilson, The New York Times

"Rudd gets  more trombone out of his instrument than any colleague, past or present." –Whitney Balliet, New Yorker Magazine

"The key transitional figure of the '60's was his own masterful album, Everywhere, he demonstrates a revitalization of expressive  techniques and dynamic sensitivity." –Gary Giddins, Village Voice

"Rudd extracts sounds from the trombone that go back to New Orleans and further ahead than anyone has yet reached." –Nat Hentoff, Cosmopolitan

"Rudd is a character playing a trombone, one of those unique performers who play their personality as well as their instruments." –Mike Zwerin, International Herald Tribune

"Roswell Rudd is certainly one of the most imaginative trombone players since J.J. Johnson. His trombone style recalls the more expressionist methods of an earlier age while remaining aware of the technical sophistry of the few boppers who had taken to the horn. Rudd is a masterly soloist.” –Duck Baker

"Rudd is the most original and accomplished trombonist  in the jazz world today as well as a very important composer, arranger, teacher, and musicologist." –Steve Lacy  

"The evening's great trick of substantiation was pulled off by Roswell Rudd who performed with SONIC YOUTH.... He placed shouting New Orleans-funeral style trombone improvisations over a rock and roll drone and it worked, then he hollered fragments of the song’s lyrics, stretching out words. He looked like something between a country doctor and Moses." –Ben  Ratliff, The New York Times 

“Au chapitre des prestations individuelles, le veteran tromboniste Roswell Rudd gagne haut la main pour des solos inspires et puissants …” –Improjazz, NOVEMBRE 2004

“On his hunt for tone through the valveless infinite, the man has blown his mind wide open from spontaneous spaces of the soul….Roswell is a one-man party, if not a one-man band.” –Kitty Montgomery, Daily Freeman, May 2004

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